Maximizing damage prevention to underground utilities is what we do best. With our highly trained workforce and experience in locating, construction, inspection and project management, Pro Comm E.L.S. has the “know how” to provide the best solutions for your infrastructure protection.

Locating & Consultation services

Underground utility locating is at the core of what we do best and our experienced Damage Prevention Technicians are a testament to that.
It’s this level of dedication to protecting your infrastructure that sets us apart from the rest.

Locating & Consultation services include:

Subsurface Utilities & Infrastructures

As-Builts & Inspection services

Documentation of construction changes and additions on your excavation plans is crucial in the damage prevention process. Often times, what happens when expanding your infrastructure, the as-builts are neglected because you’re already on to the next project, to meet customer demand.

As-Builts & Inspection services include:

Damage Investigation

Damages do happen! Our experience in construction and facility management enables us to sort through and identify the causes that lead up to the unfortunate event.
All stake holders have a responsibility in preventing damage to infrastructures during the excavation phase. We help maintain accountability.

Damage Investigation services include:

Facility & Database Auditing services

Data quality associated to facility asset tracking, could mean the difference between uninterrupted services or a costly damage that could’ve been prevented by capturing all necessary data prior to customer ‘turn-up’. We can help identify those gaps in the data and then gather them from the field.

Facility & Database Auditing services include: